Manny Valencia

Manny Valencia graduated at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines in 1984, with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

He ventured into the business of video making and contract manufacturing of electronic systems prior to migrating into the US.

In 1985, he moved to San Jose, CA to pursue a career in electronics engineering. It wasn’t until he landed a job at Silicon Graphics, Inc. that he sparked again his dream of filmmaking and videos. During the 90's, he's been fascinated by the use of computer workstations to edit a video or make visual effects in digital filmmaking. That passion was even more alive today.


Manny Valencia have been producing TV commercials for over a decade for the customers of The Filipino Channel (ABS-CBN's TFC), Comcast Cable, Univision and various ethnic channels in the San Francisco Bay Area. Manny is proficient in various skills essential to completing a video project. Skills in music scoring, sound effects, motion graphics, visual effects, cinematography, videography, creative concepts to end-to-end solution to production and post-production.


Manny Valencia is also highly technical in electronics hardware from component to system application as in multi-camera live studio directing, internet streaming, codec application, media server and various modern digital broadcasting. Manny is like having a swiss knife in your team.


Manny work in collaboration with directors, producers and agencies as required by the project. As a producer, he can gather the essential elements of a team and lead to succeed in a creative project.


For further inquiry, please call (408) 416-6531 or email to manny@mannyvalencia.com


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